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In preparation for the 2018 Manitoba Aviation Symposium we would be pleased if you wish to suggest any relevant speakers for this event.  Please advise at your earliest convenience as we are currently active in our planning.    

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Lee-Anne Forsberg

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Dear Corporate members:  

We are currently working on enhancing our website.  In the near future, we will be adding a corporate member link which will direct website users to a new page displaying your company logo and a link to your website.  We ask you to take a moment to: 

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Air Cadet Squadron need gymnasium-type Hall. 

Tuesday evenings 6:30 to 9:30 PM and Sundays for a few hours. Also need office /storage space to keep some training supplies and uniforms. Do you know of a hall that would be pleased to support the national Air Cadet program? Some funds are provided for hall rental. Ideally, hall would be located in south or southwest corner of Winnipeg, inside the Perimeter. Thank you! 

contact Jessica


Winnipeg FIR winners in the Points of Pride 2016

    Cindy Westphal – Manager, Quality Assurance, Employee & Manager Mentor, Project Management        

   Chairman’s Award for Employee Excellence in Safety

   Cindy’s exceptional passion and commitment to the mentorship and development of people has made a huge impact to the team in Winnipeg. She has taken talented, promising and eager young staff and helped to make effective leaders of them. The people she has coached credit her organizational and professional knowledge, sage advice, and enthusiastic and unwavering support as catalytic to her success.

   Jim Daher – Shift Manager

   Chairman’s Award for Employee Excellence in Safety

   Inspired by his experience on CASOP, Jim believed the spirit of this national initiative could be applied locally, in the Winnipeg FIR, and developed a customer and staff safety information sharing initiative called Bear-Pits. Co-workers and customers alike have praised Jim’s effort and view these open, face-to-face meetings as both innovative and productive.

   Todd Lewis – Team Supervisor Brandon FSS

   President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement – Team Award

   Todd was a member on a team of individuals who collaborated to rebuild the Manual of Operations (MANOPS). After 40 years in service the weight volumes were replaced by a pared-down, discipline specific manuals. The new Manual of Air Traffic Services (MATS) is a radical departure from MANOPS: the publications are smaller, handier, and easier to update; the information, while accurate and complete, is more concise and presented in a more logical format; terminology is consistent; and the language is clearer, easier to read, and less open to misinterpretation. Five years in development, this project involved an immense amount of work from a highly engaged, diverse, and cohesive team, representing Operational Publications and all Air Traffic Services groups. 

   La Ronge Flight Service Station Team

   President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement – Team Award

   In the summer of 2015, following the driest spring on record in more than a century, Northern Saskatchewan was inundated      with wildfires that wiped out 1.8 million hectares of forest. The town of La Ronge was placed under general evacuation order and the Flight Service Specialists were told by authorities they would have to leave as well. The team reluctantly left, but the next day Wildfire Management asked them to resume their posts to help with firefighting operations in the area. Air Traffic Services were required, due to reduced visibility and the high number of aircraft involved. While under no obligation to return – due to the danger of the fire and the proximity to the airport – the specialists volunteered to turn back, fully aware of the poor air quality and limited access to accommodation and supplies. Despite the fires along the highway south of town, they were in position the next day, much to the relief of air crews. Throughout this emergency, the dedicated staff of La Ronge Flight Service Station showed grit and an outstanding commitment to safe air operations, to their community, and to each other.


NOTAM - Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Transport Canada released an article about the dangers of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phones.  To read the article, please click on the link: 


Top 20 Under 40 Winners

Wings Magazine has released their “Top 20 Under 40” listing for 2016 and the Manitoba Aviation Council is pleased to see MAC member company Fast Air with an employee who is being singled out as a top achiever on a national scale. We congratulate Denis Bourgouin and Fast Air on this remarkable achievement.

To see all 20 under 40 winners please click here


NAV CANADA Announces Decision to Reduce Service Charges by an average of 7.6 per cent

For details on Nav Canada's reduction in service charges please click here:


Key Suppliers Join Maintenance Hub - Air Canada Signs Deals for Centre of Excellence

You can read all about this in the Winnipeg Free Press by following this link:

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